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Player limit
Hi guys

I feel like the player limit should be put back at 40 because of a few things:
Most maps aren't made for a 60 playerbase.
The game just runs like total shit on most pc's.
The vehicle limit on most maps is just way to small.

I just feel like the games were way better when we had 40 players in the game..
I get it has been a succes and everything but isn't the game about fun for everyone? I bet i'm not the only one thinking this way.

@DoctorB0NG @fffreak9999 Pls think about this :3
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The 60 player limit was probably inserted to accommodate more players in a setting, therefore increasing Ren-X's playerbase. There were some topics on Ren X forums that basically explained how one server would fill up, and the second one would just remain devoid of any reasonable playerbase.

- I do agree that the maps were not made for 60 players (albeit 30 vs 30 with nuke crates on Snow is fun, I admit);

- Ren X is somewhat heavy (I guess?) on the requirements, but it depends from what kind of pc one is playing. I can run it fine at Ultra graphics, but personally I do prefer playing with the lowest graphic settings. Of course, if the lag is caused by ping and like, that's a different story.

- About the vehicle limit, I am not sure. I find that most players (except a select few, most notably the "FU LOSER TEAM" player mentioned by Quincy) prefer to go guns blazing with infantries; rarely I see the vehicle limit capped, even in 60 player public matches. Personally, I find the vehicle limits to be just fine, if every driver had a Hottie/Tech backing it.

A quick breakdown of how I would assign 30 players in a match of Ren-X with a 10 vehicle limit:
10 drivers, 10 reps (one for each veh), 2-3 base defenders, 4-5 snipers, 3 infantry patrols (warn about rushes and collect crates) or infiltrators

For the last one, all I can say that everyone has their personal definition of fun, and satisfying everyone's fun is something nigh impossible - there will be always someone complaining about the game mechanics or else, for example.
True, many of the maps are "Small" for the player count, however as Jarzey pointed out involving the community is far more valuable than an extra 50% players.

Very few people are willing to join a 2nd server due to wanting to play in an established game.

As for vehicle limits, its true that some maps have too few for even 40 players but they are individual maps, not the norm.

Most maps have a reasonable number of vehicles for their size and in some maps, they have more than what's needed.

I often see vehicle limits climb to max especially on maps like Walls, Eyes, Glasses and Crash site to name but a few.

As for people running the game with poor performance, the game is based on old tech (by modern standards)

The amount of performance needed to run this game is rather minor than compared to AAA titles 3-5 years old so it is hardly an issue.

And as for your last point, it is fun for the majority, most prefer large matches and due to the increase in the player counts we have been having, we have had more players on at odd times (Outside European time zones) which means more people actually playing globally which is only a good thing, since those players join towards the end of the European times and continue into the American time zones, which means the Americans can play on a server with people on.

So the reduced fun for a handful of people vs the fun for the majority of the community is quite easy to balance.

In that regard, I will not be reducing the player limit any time soon.
For any maps that I have created:

My Maps

This will take you to the downloadable files.

@fffreak9999 I get where you are coming from and its understandable,it makes sense but 40 players games usually play far better than 60 players games,with 30 players on each time its harder for team work to take place(yeah there are exceptions),for rushes to work,you feel like too many players are all over the place with a lot of them not doing anything useful or not even knowing what to do,feels like a different game(not in a good way).
While switching back to 40 players servers will fix a lot of these problems,it will also bring back other problems like you mentioned(players not being able to enjoy playing on a full server),I just hope this 60 players mutator won't be permanent,because as of now there doesn't seem to be any other solutions that addresses both issues,well other than Agent's idea of splitting 1 64 players server into 2 when full which would be cool if it sees light,and I wish it does.

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