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Current bases
Super kh's farmhouse
[Image: ifRCuhD.png]

Nero's magical floating island of magic
[Image: HazLwFB.png]

Starting area, mostly built by Monkey (and later others)
[Image: FaJPB32.png]

Ruud's massive .. building? Under construction
[Image: Ir7y0Ac.png]

Monkey's ship
[Image: O9kDaHN.png]

Salarite's house
[Image: 4WLbCZq.png]
Aww yeee. Those looks like awesome builds
lol my chicken stack in the right bottom of the picture xD
My Emergency Hideout entrance is on the starting area's image

You guys are tempting me to play minecraft again!!! D:
Yeah I haven't seen you ingame for long, kind of forgot about that... sorry lol.
It's ok, doubt you can screenshot that thing anyway.

It's underground after all lol

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