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HTTPS for tyrant.gg
Sup, is there any reason we aren't using HTTPS for the Forums?
If costs for SSL-certificates are the issue, then you could just use https://letsencrypt.org/ (comes with instructions to set up a bot etc.)

I mean, not a lot of people care about security, but sending login credentials over an unsecured HTTP connection is kinda bad (interception being the main issue here)
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Done.  For now ssl and non-ssl will both work.  Some of the content is still served through http which you can see by hitting F11 in Chrome and looking at how all the content made it to your client.  Most of the content served via plain HTTP is related to the steam plugin alone.

The import stuff (credential handshake) is done via SSL.  

I will force TLS 1.0+ and fix the content serving and then HTTPS will be forced.  I will make HTTP redirect to HTTPS through the Apache mod_rewrite addon with rewrite rules.

EDIT: also in case anyone is wondering, passwords are all hashed and are not stored anywhere in plain text at any point during the signup/authentication process.
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Thanks buddy ol' pal

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