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Fractured Space
Welcome to a space-ship orientated MOBA but unlike those other piece of shit (generally speaking) MOBA's Fractured Space somehow manages to avoid the Pay2Win formula by making each ship difficult to manage, it is one of the few games where I can have US, EU and Asian players all in one game without any of the normal real-time latency issues. 

5 Ships per team, every ship a capital ship of its type as well as customization of Crew which can change the defaults of your ship to be that little bit different in the space-battlefield. 

This game is completely free to play, you can earn in-game credits to purchase new ships and abilities or you can be a lamer and purchase ships and new abilities with real money, in either case there have been few games I've played where I've not been at the top. 

It'd be great to get a stable team of players onto TeamSpeak for this game. 

There's even a sniper space ship, which are hilariously deadly if you know how to be a strategic pansy against players who don't know how to avoid their fire. 

From Light Attack, to Support, to Front-line defenders to Medium and Heavy Attack ships, this game is good fun. 

[On Steam] http://store.steampowered.com/app/310380/
[Image: 6gzm6u.png]

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