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Whats up guys, i've been playing with the Renegade X servers for quite some time and yest the other week joined in on the scrims. lots of fun and looking forward to doing more with everyone who plays. i live in SoKY about an hour drive north of Nashville, TN. i work weird hours and on my days off usually just sit and play games. i'm interested in FPS games but also play WoW. i have XBox and PS4 as well but don't play nearly enough on those like i do my newly built gaming computer.

looking forward to playing with everyone at some point.
Welcome to CT!
For any maps that I have created:

My Maps

This will take you to the downloadable files.

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Welcome to the community! Big Grin
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Hello TUF_Lipton, and welcome to CT! Smile
Legend has it that a certain one, a detrimental one, shall bring about the destruction of all things that survive the Downfall. If you encounter this Certain One in-game, congratulate him of his detrimental-ness, and wish him good fortune in the destructions ahead.
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