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Custom Maps - Bug Reports etc.
Hey guys,

been playing a lot on the Custom Map / Test Map Server lately.

Here are some screenshots of bugs I've found.


WF GT only detects you on "long" distance:

[Image: fb9ab7edfd4740e1aea41d2225d95df7.png]


[Image: 240029b4d44b4847915408c4ca702b2d.png]
[stairs of INF path..]

Won't shoot at me when I'm standing right in front of it...

[Image: 6aef15097ae94917afeb337241fa55a3.png]


[Image: e9b9529a4b0544a5b699115f67ac51e8.png]

Freak told me it's likely due to a Volume/collision around it.

INF path (HoN -> Bar):

[Image: 87c05e12fde24dfca11f08c7466d711c.png]

[Image: 09fe4952308647519971ec272251135a.png]

Can't get through that fence gate... (from both sides) Is that supposed to happen?

Tiberium Field Meteor:

[Image: 0855da381bd14ed4a1a7bf06102bcd40.png]

You can't drive though it / walk into it.. but you can shoot through it.... No cover :-(

Will add more maps / screens soon.


Don't take a shower there... you'll die ;-)

[Image: 9ba4b70cf0ba428c9be8aec6f9f6075d.png]

Same result with the other cascade - opposite to the comm centre.

You can get vehicles up that rocks near airstrip:

[Image: 22ea0c54d28244a68713f895703c72a2.png]

Artilleries can't hit the top of the hill (due to range).... but this spot can be used for sniping..

[Image: af84bcd2e21b4a87bc4bba07ecd0ec61.png]

and the sniper can use the rock as cover (you still need a vehicle to get there...).

[Image: ad81e9f367884725ba02f7bdb7884669.png]

Well.. it's possible to get tanks - e.g. stankz - on top of the bunker next to GDI Barracks (and the rock surrounding it).

[Image: 0b401ec57f4b43bba635780a065bba14.png]

From the Nod side of the Silo path infantry can climb the walls... possible sniper spot.

[Image: 4f05fb85e90f47aaae11b10189decc9c.png]

That Nuke dind't destroy the GDI Ref... But on the other side there's another rock and this time the placed beacon worked.

[Image: 01d7ccc8d44f4f78bd9662e557e60aa6.png]

That spot works with GDI WF too.

And I guess with Nod Ref too (didnt test it yet)

[Image: f0b5acd732e647978ab9a391491b75c9.png]

[Note: to place beacons there you'll need a vehicle..]
Tried to enter Test Maps Server, map "Horologe". Unfortunately, it requires resource "RX_Beachhead" which is ~30megabytes . Is that ok?
(10-01-2016, 02:09 PM)Hackerham Wrote: Tried to enter Test Maps Server, map "Horologe". Unfortunately, it requires resource "RX_Beachhead" which is ~30megabytes . Is that ok?

Yeah, had to download the RX_beach_head file ingame too. Couldn't download it via Launcher :-(
i had the same problem, go into your ren files and delete everything related to beachhead. then let the launcher download it

Places to get stuck:

[Image: dc3c223d2ca54b0da97caeef81fc3bea.png]
behind GDI PP - you will also get stuck behind the upper box

[Image: 3a82e968114448c98c09684a10894aa9.png]
INF path (HoN -> Bar) [reticle]

[Image: c4d149fd22ec421797255e03b19ccb56.png]
INF path (HoN -> Bar) [reticle]

[Image: 19fd06c082e2445fadcc0f08a25dd8d9.png]
behind GDI Ref

[Image: 9fa6b481f13342a7b6363e77c6a2fb13.png]
INF path (HoN -> Bar) [wall next to Sakura Spy]

[Image: f2d46905619b41ac99ac800c74bfe92d.png]
INF path (HoN -> Bar)

[Image: 7645ccfca8f548bf81aff3368a0aaa5b.png]
INF path (HoN -> Bar)

[Image: ceb53bc9ce8d448c83e4572734088ade.png]
INF path (HoN -> Bar)

Horologe v2.0:

[Image: be8ea6ffbca9455ab2dd593a820f6956.png]
Vehicles get stuck a lot at this rock @ GDI base entrance

[Image: daebaccd8ccd4961bfca096822637e60.png]
floating grass @ INF path

[Image: 59cead4833834849a7922653a5e1a2ea.png]
Rock behind GDI Ref

[Image: 9ad5e91903a74f2f9efc55fe5c3463ff.png]
after each dump the GDI harvy drives to GDI WF instead of driving back to the TibField directly....

[Image: 3015bbbe9ee54505ba5cbbb624160a96.png]
you can climb the containers by stacking some vehicles...

[Image: f138590a4bd84b24bf3a6c1d11df3cb5.png]
behind GDI Bar (Bunker got fixed though)

[Image: 2f2dddb44e5f4110b0f32496224033eb.png]
still no collisions @ hill cascades (both sides)

[Image: 9644b1e333aa457e8ac9a08e9d0217c1.png]
there is a vehicle collision right in front of the Humvee next to that wall @ base entrance - this collision is on each side (Nod & GDI base -> 4x collisions)

[Image: 61e6ce19ad4944bab85ac9e60f5f90bd.png]
climbing the containers works in GDI base too <3

[Image: b69ba5ea0ee740aa93ef6646e304f6e2.png]
hologramms in tunnels and near Silo are hardly visible - maybe pick another colour?

*** Special Thanks to: Try-Out ***
Headlands: https://renegade-x.com/forums/topic/74641-map-cnc-headlands-infantry-only-map/?do=findComment&comment=154684


[Image: 7d6977b231204123a0c069319bd155bd.png]
next to GDI barracks there is a small mound in the water. Nod can kind of hide beacons there. You're able to focus on the beacon and even disarm it, but only from a very specific angle. From most viewpoints this beacon cannot be disarmed...

Added other screens on RenX Forums.

*** Special Thanks to: Try-Out ***

[Image: 2b5ab70970e140cfa94d906e4f81a44e.png]
Nod Bunker not vehicle proofed

[Image: f5e11a3ddfc646dfbfd75dab0234da08.png]
with an APC you can jump on top of this steel girder...

[Image: be121c5fc17347b9b5ff664b566282ac.png]
Nemesis: knabis64 - fucking up test servers at all times Angry Sick

[Image: 16904094ddae477e973b0fc508f898a3.png]
wasn't reproducible though... "I believe I can fly...."

[Image: 26a5efdae5474e13b492230b18a222ac.png]
rocks behind Nod Ref need collisions

[Image: a97d7c5e728c4363996cb21474de2749.png]
this rock still needs fixing... you can also glitch a nuke into it :o - the other rock (APC) is blocked. you can climb it and walk along the collision, but you cant glitch a nuke into it Smile

[Image: c65bc63f1e2044ce89ad849b35520460.png]
glitched nuke spot.. you need to be on top of the rock :o

[Image: 62ee75c4d4de4ea2b764e0c9679b6575.png]
I know where you stand... Silent in the trees....

*** Special thanks to: Try-Out & InSoMnIa ***
Nemesis: knabis64 - fucking up test servers at all times Angry Sick
Hey, when the map ""Horloge" was up next everyone got kicked. I re-joined but from the 35 players there were only 6 left

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