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CT Minecraft!
Hey guys, what's up?

We've setup a Minecraft server at mc.constructivetyranny.com, be sure to join it!
At the moment we have like 6 active players in the server. We're all sort of close together but we also have our own projects to build!

Munkei is building a Kodiak (tiberian sun) for example, I'm building a nuclear power plant, others are busy with magic, .. just really cool stuff! If you would like to join us, hop on anytime and take a look!

See you ingame! Cheers
Erm... how can I get into a MineCraft multiplayer, exactly?
Legend has it that a certain one, a detrimental one, shall bring about the destruction of all things that survive the Downfall. If you encounter this Certain One in-game, congratulate him of his detrimental-ness, and wish him good fortune in the destructions ahead.
Download the FTB launcher from here:  http://www.feed-the-beast.com/

Start up the Infinity ModPack
minecraft is cool and FTB modpack is very nice, i like it.

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