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Download Links
As a few of you know, the download links on the official Ren X site are pretty messed up and have been for a while.  If you're looking for a reliable download, here's the place to get it.

Renegade-X Open Beta 4
Torrent Magnet:

Renegade-X SDK (For developers only!)
Soon to be updated for Beta 5c
Is it wise to download renegadex from here and update it, or use the official site? i heard there is issues with the main site for renegadex download
Being in Europe, you're best off downloading it from the Area of Gaming mirror from the Ren-X site.
Sorted, then that's what i shall do! downloading as we type, easier for me to have everything ready to go for new system
Reviving this thread for a suggestion:

In light of the main Ren X website going down approximately 4 days ago (along with several comments found in some Ren X vids), could the download links located here be updated to the current version of the game as well? I would think that linking downloads is not a complex task. Anyways, it is not a priority, but it might help people who have trouble with the main site or want to get the game while the website is down.
We would need to download the latest versions of the maps onto the CT server for all the ones updated.

Before the mappers used to use our repo since it allowed us to add them to the launcher downloader. Now since the in-game downloader uses the CDN server people haven't been uploading maps to the repo.

Plus at the rate some people update maps...(they know who)... it becomes impractical to maintain the download versions.
For any maps that I have created:

My Maps

This will take you to the downloadable files.


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