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Hello World!
*gasp* oh my, a whole topic just for me to introduce myself? Won't pass this up.

Maybe some of you were wondering when you were playing with me, but my real name is not SinisterPoem. It's not even XanWasting. My real name is a se~cret, so bear with SinisterPoem for now.
My sole purpose in life is discerning why does God not answer our prayers, and after a long and grueling journey I found this game. The amount of fellow pilgrims asking constantly "JESUS FUCKING CHRIST, WHY DID YOU DO THAT?" reassures me greatly in my search for enlightenment.
Before my pilgrimage started I was a cat shepherd, which made me overconfident in my ability to lead beings that don't want to be lead, but numerous situations in this game made me understand my insignificance in this vast cosmos we call home, and for that I thank you!
I like killing mosquitos and playing computer games, but killing mosquitos is a little harder to do, so usually i only play games and occasionally swat the little bloodsuckers when they try to drain my vitality.
I'm having a blast playing this game, and I have a feeling contributing to this forum could be just as great, so let's get along, everybody! People that make whole games and get nothing in return safe for self satisfaction and bitching of ppl that find bugs and imbalances are the best kind of people!
*hands on cheeks* Your first name wasn't Sinister and last name wasn't Poem? I was hoping to see more of your clan on RenX. Y'know, CheesyPoem, PepePoem and HarambePoem.

Jokes aside, it's great to see you on board, Sinister.

That Solomon x Kane OTP, though.
I approve of this message.
Ikr, the image might not be the best quality, but the message it bears, of futility of conflict, and beauty of love, is more beautiful than any art!

Also, you might not know this, but glorious world socia is actually SinistarPoem. I have a few things to talk about with my dad, it seems.

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