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Yo, yo, yo
Hi my name is Jo,
this is my CT rap, intro
I thought I'd let yall know
havin fun's my goal
hi how ya'll doing, it's nice to meet yo

Cool  Big Grin  Tongue

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  • Sarah
Wlc to the CT Forum , and yes Hi man . make sure to get some friend to play Renx with u Big Grin , see you in field ! Cool
ARuG Clan Leader >>>> Playing as Deadbeat 
[Image: Yw6TETC.png]
Hello H-0H3Y!

If you happen to see me in-game and wish to discuss a tactic, feel free to talk to me. My mood is usually serene unless triggered by certain...elements (overmining *eye twitches*).

Otherwise, I'm open for strategy talk. See you Smile
Welcome to CT!
The Brotherhood is at an evolutionary dead end. I am the only salvation for the continued supremacy of Nod. It is my world now. Listen to the sounds of your own extinction... Human...
Welcome to CT Soldier!
Community Mapper from: Renegade X
Aloha, and welcome Smile

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