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World Class Poster Child For Technically Challenged!
Big Grin 
Olla Bitcholas!
Big heart felt thanks to Glacious & I believe ffffreak? These folks helped me get on TS,not just 'on' but ON! You know like with two-way sound and EVERYthing?!! That was some blazingly fast moves,what they did in like 20 min would have taken me hours,hunt and peck method I'm stuck with.
Either ever in game need of a pocket Hottie/Techie, shout out, I'm your huckleberry :O)

What an amazing difference TS made to the overall enjoyment of, what I consider a fine fine game,so much greater...stomach still hurts from laughing  Cool

Cyas all in game  Heart

p.s.;pretty sure I was taken off Bong's kill on site order,once he knew I'd no mic or ears.  Big Grin
"Time; Nature's way of making sure everything doesn't happen at once!"        Idea
Auth unkwn
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No worries btw, anytime Smile
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