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No Man's Sky
Anyone plans to try this game?
Although technically multiplayer, the game is mostly single player as it is supposed to be really hard to find other players in the vast universe. Still, would be nice if others in our community would play it as well.


To be released: 10 august
Looks interesting enough, I might actually buy it if the price gets low enough.

Would be nice to see other people playing it though.
Legend has it that a certain one, a detrimental one, shall bring about the destruction of all things that survive the Downfall. If you encounter this Certain One in-game, congratulate him of his detrimental-ness, and wish him good fortune in the destructions ahead.
Give me a rim job and I might buy it
(07-15-2016, 10:52 PM)Detritus Wrote: I might actually buy it if the price gets low enough.

Price won't drop for some time.

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