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Aaaaaand...7dtd just sold out.....le sigh
Doesn't seem too bad, I don't think it would affect the PC version
It's a smart move from a business standpoint and maybe this will give the game a better aesthetic environment.

I'll probably give it until August before I try 7 Days again anyway.
[Image: 6gzm6u.png]
I'm hoping so......but for some reason.....Tell Tale Games...... I just don't like em
Tell Tale is a great group of people. Done some cool and good stuff. Also Minecraft went to console and PC didnt' change. I think it should be ok.
Don't diss them because you aren't a graphic-novel story type of person. That's just the games they make. Things they publish, through a different developer entirely, and then ported by a 3rd one altogether (The Fun Pimps? Lol.), is just their monetary blessing. Wish EA was such a good publisher, to fund good ideas and not stick their business into it and screw it up.

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