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Been a long time......
(04-06-2016, 04:22 PM)Munkei Wrote: That sucks dude, if you need some materials then come to me and if i have any then you can take some. Use landclaim blocks , there are some sneaky fuckers out there.

No it's all good. Never touched most stuff just a few weapons, feathers, hide, leather and such.
I have a landclaim down (now) but I still have pretty much everyone on my friends list so it will only really protect me against newer players joining.
Anyhow, am up and running so it's kill zombies as usual.

I am curious though. With everyone that is in the area and so close together, was I the only one that got hit?
Sourpatch is on the same roof as me and his stuff wasn't touched but I think that is more because they know he would hunt them down to the ends of the earth lol.
My chests were fine, I only had a sleeping bag stolen that day, and today a few wood frames.
Was it your sleeping bag that is used as your spawn point?
That is one of the worst things that can be stolen. If you don't notice and die you spawn God knows where. If at or close to night it is even worse again.
i lost a sleeping bag yesterday, it despawned after less than a day ingame, total bollocks! unless a zombie killed it somehow then i dont know how it disappeared

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