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Teamspeak3 Layout
Recently it was discussed to hard-chistle the TS3 so there are less clutter channels and more clarity in space. Rules have already been posted to make it so. My experience with TheRealmGaming has me making these suggestions for TS3:

1) Combine rules with welcome room. As such: "Welcome Room - Please Review the Rules >".
2) Give Welcome Room restricted chat permissions. Possibly merge it with AFK or otherwise move it to the bottom of the list so list fluctuation happens at the bottom.
3) Chat section has 2 regular chat channels. At our size, nobody is having more than 2 game-unrelated chats at a time. Especially with user channels.
4) Games and Welcome and other divider/title sections. These divider title-sections, instead of making 2-3 lines tall, merge the divider (row of -------'s) with the actual title of the section so it is all 1 line. Ex.: "--------------Welcome Room--------------""--------------Core Games--------------"
5) Besides very active games like Ren-X, Rocket League, and The Division, make 4 additional game channels just called "Other Games 1" through 4. Dw about teams, 2 teams playing the same game can still go to "Other Games 1" and "Other Games 2". It can stay like it is and be called "1, 2, alpha, beta, chocolate thunder, ben" or whatever.
6) User Channels, no comment, they are fine as long as the above is considered. Overall not a big change anyway.

Overall, the objective, is to get core chat and game channels, to be reasonably visible without scroll.
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Probably going to keep things the way they are, as for #5 there's already Game Room 1, etc.  This is the less clutter, more clarity version of TS already, the main channels are already the most visible and at the top.

Thank you for your suggestion!
Necroing this post, to suggest increasing permissions for global server text messages. Accidentally a global text twice now. Obviously, I meant to text in channel, not global.
Edit: Looked into this and found root cause
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