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Do you have Double Dragon Neon?
 Who else owns this genius game? It's made by Wayforward, although it feels as if it's made by the same experts at good old Westwood (DDN and Westwood games are so well designed, they consist of content others try to copy off but don't do as well). I won't post potential spoilers, but it does have something that damages certain enemies and gives health to many other character classes sort of like how in OldRen campaign Tiberium weapons give health to mutants and damage everyone else. Indeed, some aspects of DDN do remind me of that well-made Command & Conquer feel from Westwood games (superb layers of strategy with the in-game tech).

 I have all Steam achievements in DDN except Misters Perfect and the Double Dragon Campaign achievement. I did a session with a friend from Steam, he got me the Bromerang achievement and we accomplished missions 1-5 on the hardest difficulty. Mission 6 was bugging out on my teammate, something with the helicopter scripts caused his computer to accidentally disconnect from the game. We managed to sort it out by him hosting the game for a change, and it mostly worked out except I was lagging throughout but we managed to beat the mission, although because my end accidentally bugged out at the end I'm not sure if the mission credential for the achievement registered. We took a break from the game, and he said he gets on Steam games later at night so I'm not sure if I'll get to play with him for the achievements anytime soon. I directed him to this topic:


 His computer had issues with lag, so that might help him out. I did advise him that if he wanted any further advice from that board to register for a forum account there and post inquiries in that topic.

 I still have missions 7-10 to do on the elite campaign achievement. If anyone has DDN on Steam and would like to help me with these two achievements (which require a second player) you can friend me on Steam (my Steam name is Chrisjh0223) and we can set-up a DDN session; and/or post in this topic.

 Oh, and when my teammate first got on Steam I mentioned on the text chat I have a microphone to speak to him in-game, at which point he said "hold on, I have a microphone too which I will set up, please give me some time." So we configured our microphones to use on Steam. How exactly does the Steam platform use microphones? We tried to use ours and they worked fine for a little bit, when he said "can you hear me?" I heard him clear as day. But shortly afterward when I responded, he said in text "weird, it sounded like a microphone moving around and bumping a little into a table. I heard your voice, but it was breaking up like when a cell phone breaks up." His voice also was breaking up shortly afterward. So we managed to play DDN without TeamSpeak (or any variation thereof) and made progress but I feel both players having proper microphone configuration would make for a more powerful gaming experience, much like TeamSpeak in a RenX PUG. Any pointers on microphones with Steam and DDN are much appreciated.

 If you want to help anyone out in DDN 2-Player mode for achievements or even just for fun (such as the novelty factor in a beat-em up) please read the following 2 threads for powerful tips:



I would like to use the methods in those threads to help me get those achievements, especially Lightning + Magic Gambit during the first segment of Mission 9. I look forward to the next DDN Bro-Op session. Big Grin

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