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The forum is problematic
(02-26-2016, 09:37 AM)(Lucifer)Madkill Wrote: And here I thought you were highlighting this because there hasn't been any new news posted within the past 2 months. (I ignored the arrows pointing out the format and focused on the entire date itself)

2016 News thread about something plzzz.

Today in Ren-X

GDI won C&C_Field by base destruction on the Constructive Tyranny server.
"The atmosphere was electric, i cant believe it! The chat was on fire."  One onlooker commented to our CT reporter.

The map C&C_Field has recieved alot of coverage lately due to its tendency to create stalemates and having each match essentially be a mindless grind for point-victory.
There are ofcourse alot of people who refuse to recognize such criticism, commonly referred to as "purists" by the revolutionary Constructive Tyranny movement. 

Each side of the debate is furiously attacking eachother on a daily basis in online groups:
"This is evidence that C&C_Field is an excellent and balanced map, i mean.. If GDI can win a game by base destruction on a friday afternoon, whats the problem? The discussion should end now."
Professional provocateur Gaysha remarked.
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I for one am in total support of our golden overlords.
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