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Path of Exile
Anyone playing this game?
Played it a few years ago, and recently started playing again.
Very fun for those that like action-RPG/hack-and-slash games! And the game is free to play!
We had a group on TS back over the summer that would play all the time, a few of them were my roommates at the time.  I can poke them on Steam and let them know you're playing PoE.
I play POE I'm down to start again!  Haven't played in at least half a year.
Ugh...where was this energy weeks ago!!! Sad

Due to Darkest Dungeon releasing today, and XCOM2 being mere weeks away-- I probably don't have the bandwidth to play this with any regularity or seriousness.

POE is a great game though!
Bumping.  Naquada and I plan to play this weekend when Ascendancy launches on the 4th.  

For anyone who needs to catch up on all the new stuff: https://www.reddit.com/r/pathofexile/comments/48bjrq/22_ascendancy_launch_compendium/
OH! My boyfriend introduced me to it 3 years ago, I kind of quit playing it when they broke it, but I'd definitely be willing to pick it back up again
Constructive Tyranny: Stop, hammer time.
It's out!  Going to be rolling Tornado Shot Ranger

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