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Guns of Icarus!
It's on sale for $5!  Steampunk style Airship vs Airship!


Involves awesome teamplay, it's amazingly fun if enough people are down to try it I can buy a 4-pack for everybody!
While we're at that, we might want to check out Artemis: Bridge Simulator its similar just in a spacey theming.
Constructive Tyranny: Stop, hammer time.
I already own this since the alpha stage of the game!! Loads of fun and we really really should play this with a couple of people sometime!! Big Grin
We could do big 3v3v3 battles with enough people.
[Image: 6gzm6u.png]
Dude!  That would be so awesome I had a lot of fun with this game, maybe we can get a match going after the PUG

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