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Don't use bunker as a base....
So I had found a base on day one of the server reset. Because our profiles were saved, I had two half decent Taza's Stone axes.
Still took me a while to get in. I went in through the back way (ductwork) as it seemed it would be a little faster.
After I got in I blocked the ductwork with some frames and looted the bunker. Then I made a few chests to put my gear.
I had some mats to make some doors and was all set.
Spent few days looting houses and couple of stores. Also found what seems to be a pump station.
Anyway, animals seemed to be a little scarce so figured I had a few corn so I would plant them and make some cornbread to keep myself alive.
As it happens all the ground around the bunker is stone. I want just outside the fence to dig up a layer so I could lay down some fertile dirt.
Guess I wasn't far enough away. One smack at the ground with a 259 quality taza's axe (not quite 60 block damage) and the roof of the bunker caved in. Should have known. I had just recently accidentally caved in the roof of another bunker, hitting the ground once when looting a car in the garden above it.

So moral is. Bunkers are crap bases lol. A few good hits with a half decent axe or pickaxe and you should be able to cave in the roof and loot the place. No more wasting time going through those hard doors.
yeah, i read about that, they are very unstable.

I always build my own base, much better then those crappy prefabs.
yeah, figure it's moving time....what is it like south lol.

How are caves now? I haven't even mined yet. The caves I have found are these swiss cheese holes in the ground that look impossible to enter.

Also animals seem a little scarcer.
Mines are fucked up.
I prefer just to make my own mine, doesn't take too long and you can make a nice entrance-tunnel. Once you find ores, you'll keep finding them.
I made my last base in a bunker, didn't collapse but it definitely wasn't as fun as building your own place.
True. I have yet to do any mining so have pretty much zero mats.
Spent most time trying to find water and hunt for animals.

Thought I had it good when I found a bunker with mines and water just feet from it. That is when ground collapsed the first time.
Will probably have to pull up stakes and look for a more friendly biome.

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