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A13.6 Plan
Not quite sure why the hell they would push a patch on Christmas eve night but regardless, 13.6 is out and has Ran Gen changes as well...

Also, not quite sure what to do as we didn't really discuss a plan.  I guess we'll move some folks' profiles over and do a full world reset.

If you'd like your profile moved over from the old server, please paste your SteamID64 on this thread.  Get your SteamID64 from here: https://steamid.io/
Mine is 76561198013324147
Fitz: 76561198027964076

Will i be able to keep the contents of my inventory?
It was much easier to just move everyone's profile over and if someone wants to start fresh, they can let me know and I can delete it.
When is it being transferred?

Because if it only transfers inventories/skills then I need to grab stuff Smile
For any maps that I have created:

My Maps

This will take you to the downloadable files.

ugh so its been done already .... i didnt have a chance to get the right gear in my inventory that i wanted to take with me
I can always fire up the old server, let you put shit in your inventory, then re-move the profile.  Nothing is lost, I have it all backed up.
really? Big Grin that would be awesome

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