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Open RA RELEASE Build - December 24, 2015

The new release build is live, and with it, all OpenRA players will be on the same branch --woohoo!
  • Version number is release-20151224
  • Changelog is huge, and for the curious can be found HERE
  • Download the new build RIGHT HERE

All CT servers have been updated to the newest release build!
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  • GoFastKid
Decided I had nothing better to do than look at the changelog, oh cool there's use of Lua, didn't know that.

That's Cool.
[Image: 6gzm6u.png]
Lots of balance changes to Dunk 2k!
(12-27-2015, 08:45 PM)MrSunshine Wrote: Lots of balance changes to Dunk 2k!

Time for some D2K games Smile

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