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A13 Hype Thread

New forge seems op as hell, i hope they dont make this game too easy :/
Well, I see some issues with it. You can't seem to just take out resources and it makes it a lot harder to have multiple forges as they don't share the resource.
" custom spider zombie moving on all 4s set. "

Its about to get Killing Floor
[Image: 6gzm6u.png]
Quote:Under 30 [known bugs] and they can wait until post launch patch. We are smoke testing a build now, and preparing a release candidate to test later tonight. If it goes well we might see an evening launch, if there are problems we'll release tomorrow if possible.

--Madmole (Fun Pimps Staff)
hype train hype train hype train
Quote:Guys we're cooking up a release candidate for a13.3. It has a TON of bug fixes and some great performance improvements. We are nowhere near finished patching but this is a great patch that should get us all closer to enjoying this game as much as possible. There are many game play tuning additions I've done as well...

...Freaking amazing. The sounds were getting duplicated and just killing cpu from too many sounds being played when a horde came, etc... and some other bug fixes... I have a beast rig, but I was getting 20-30 fps when a horde came, now I am pegged at 60fps no matter what I do and the server reports came back great, so I'm confident everyone will get a nice fps boost with this next patch, which will go out today barring any huge regressions or bugs that might crop up.

--Madmole (7D2D Developer)
will that require us to start over with a fresh server
(12-16-2015, 09:11 PM)Munkei Wrote: will that require us to start over with a fresh server

That would be very unlikely.  We've made it from 13.0 to 13.1 and we're on 13.2 now with no world resets.
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