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A13 Hype Thread
Quote:So far the word is hopefully this weekend. Please do not fill this thread with speculation or questions about the release. If you want to do that then go start a "......It's almost this weekend" thread in General Discussions and spaz out to your heart's content. If anything changes Madmole will come on here and let us know.

-Roland (7D2D Community Manager)
For Fuck Sakes....This is my weekend to be on call.....

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  • MrSunshine
Wow I'm really liking the clean UI.

The UI does indeed look very spiffy and its awesome that we can craft 4 things at once now! The new animations are so good that i genuinely felt bad for the zombies that were getting shot as they looked to be in so much pain lol. Feature wise there doesnt appear to be much added so i suppose ill turn my attention to building to give me some kind of purpose while i play this. Ill lose interest pretty quickly if i dont have a goal to work towards so ill make that my goal, making some nice houses / bases !
It's been 6 "Next week"s and still no release.
[Image: 6gzm6u.png]
(12-07-2015, 12:26 PM)(Lucifer)Madkill Wrote: It's been 6 "Next week"s and still no release.

7 (Days To Dies) week is the charm......
Quote:We’re working hard on finishing things up and preparing for the release. It’s looking like late this week, Thursday or Friday. Release notes should come in a couple days. I’ll try to post a forge video before the release, just to get you guys warmed up. It’s very easy to use, but completely different than it used to be.

So next weekend...
I have some terrible news.....my work Christmas party is this weekend......I was not going to go....LOL....but oh well...you guys will need the head start anyways :p

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