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Expert mode ?
How about we set up a server with expert mode enabled ?

I've been playing it a bit in single player and it seems very challenging.
You can't just start with any mod, you basically have to use most if not all mods to do stuff.

If more people are up for that ofcourse, if I'm the only one that's gonna play it, then I can just aswell play it solo.

I wouldn't mind setting up an expert mode server, I don't know if I'd play it myself because the normal server seems like expert mode to me already lol
I'm still relatively new to modded Minecraft (basically everything I've built has come from looking at your stuff and going "that looks cool, I'll try that"), so I'm personally pretty content on staying with regular mode for now.
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let's keep it on this mode then for now.

Can we get an update to the newest build ? tx !

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