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Fallout 4 - Your Settlement(s) [Pics]
Post images of what you've created at your settlement(s).

The beginning of the tower:
[Image: bfaf8c44_l.jpeg]

Slowly getting there. (Five floors above ground was the max)
[Image: 939eee31_l.jpeg]

Great view I must say!
[Image: 7d2e9e1e_l.jpeg]

Completion of the tower!
[Image: 981f11b4_l.jpeg]

Metal prefab with a windmill and recruitment tower on top:
[Image: c8c6a32e_l.jpeg]
[Image: 0466f050_l.jpeg]
And yes, I added a small artillery extension to the tower.

Additionally, if anyone doesn't own the game but has some cooky idea of something whacky to build make a comment and I'll try to make it.

Since Vegas I've always wanted to build my own settlement and Fallout 4 enables this awesome.

Now enjoy this image of Piper living on the edge:
[Image: 519f7cce_l.jpeg]
[Image: 6gzm6u.png]

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