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Halloween Playtest Build is Live!
Quote:Playtest 20151031

Posted by Paul Chote at 2015-10-31 12:00 +0000
Halloween is upon us, and the latest OpenRA playtest is full of new tricks and other treats! This build includes all of the major new features and balance changes that we have planned for our Christmas release, and it is going to be one of our biggest releases yet!

We rely on your testing and feedback to make sure that our release builds are as balanced and bug-free as possible, so please let us know if you find any issues or just generally don’t like something by filing a bug or joining our IRC channel! We will try our best to fix any issues before the final release.

Grab the installer now for your operating system from our download page!

Download link:  http://www.openra.net/download/

Featuring an Absolutely Huge Changelog!


Quote:>Shock trooper health reduced from 100 to 60

Quote:Changed the default unit stance to Defend for human players.
Finally, no more CTRL cycling!
These alone are worth the download!

Looking forward to seeing the servers updated Smile

Edit--- There is a now a global IRC chat inside OpenRA! Awesome!
Thank your for posting this Naq, It has been alot of fun playing it. Keep up the good work man!
[Image: Rx_ModDB_Banner.jpg]

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