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Warhammer: Vermintide

Co-op (4 player) first person action game based on the Warhammer Universe. 5 classes to chose, various abilities, the usual enemies. Decent looking game too.

Anyone else looked at this or is interested?? I know me and my mate are going to be buying and trying this tonight and others are welcome obviously.
[Image: archivem3sephv3yq7.jpg]
Hum.. L4D with Warhammer Style? Like it, looks not bad and maby i'll take a look into the Game in the Future.
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Sweet, be cool to get a group on there as I heard the PUG groups are rather hit and miss to say the least.
[Image: archivem3sephv3yq7.jpg]
Just been playing this for the last hour and really enjoying it not to mention its a proper challenge as well Tongue Recommend it, plus be nice to get a full team lol
[Image: archivem3sephv3yq7.jpg]
Damn that looks really fun.  I'd be down to check out the game I feel like I already spent a lot on games this month though lol

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