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xNaq's Hinterland Map
I made a 1v1 map for Open RA


It's on the CT servers

It's a beta, still not done ( I need to add some doodads and some aesthetics around spawns) I can also make it a 2v2 pretty easily.

Give it a whirl, feel free to post feedback in this thread!
Looks rather good, I won't get a chance to play for a while. But I will be sure to test it.
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  • xnaquada
Updated based on some feedback from OpenRA community:

Updated map -- http://resource.openra.net/maps/6286/

Now 2v2 compatible!
Added middle ore veins.
Removed 1 ring of starting gems from the town expo.
I just went to the CT server and downloaded it xP
I've made a general pass update on the map!

This map is no longer in beta Smile

  • Weather Effects Added! Snow!
    Tweaked Resource amounts and locations.
    Fixed a bug with a tree & an Ore Patch (thanks @jeff !)
    Chainlink fence added to 3 and 9 o'clock oil derricks

This map is only playable from Playtest Release 2015-10-31 and newer, due to the custom weather effect (it's snowing!).
Map Location:

The "legacy" version for Release 20150919 and older is found here:
The only difference between the legacy version and the regular version is the removal of the sweet weather effect present in the regular version.

When the next OpenRA "release build" is live (looks to be in December), the legacy version will be fully retired.

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