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Star Wars Battlefront: Beta is Live!
You heard right! The beta is open across 3 different platforms. PS4, XBone and PC (Origin, yuck)

Here's a review on it.


There are many others, but from what i see this is a longish ranged based game. and a lot of team co-ordination is required. I am not sure how well thats going to go for EA.

The game is scheduled for release on November the 17th of this year.
Tested it for some time now. The game is pretty awesome and the graphics are insane, that has to be said. I will buy it in the future for sure. Buuuuuuuut and this is important for me, this can't be called a "Battlefront" SW... Never, not now not on oficial release... no matter how they do it, this game doesnt give me the feelings a battlefront gave me and is far from giving a similar experience to the old Battlefront series.

In conclusion, nice and awesome SW game, but not good "Battlefront" game. I would call it "Star Wars: Battlefield"
Yeah, I played Battlefront 2 on the Xbox for a long time and it is a highly unique series. I have yet to test the new one

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