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RenX Server Info
Server name: ConstructiveTyranny.com AOW

Server IP: XXX

Teamspeak address: ts.constructivetyranny.com

Rules: kill b0ng

Time Limit: 30 minutes

Donations: Available from the start of the map

Starting Credits: 0

Mine and Vehicle Limits:
Field MineLimit=30 VehicleLimit=11
Walls_Flying MineLimit=45,VehicleLimit=10
GoldRush MineLimit=40 VehicleLimit=11
Whiteout MineLimit=45 VehicleLimit=9
Islands MineLimit=25 VehicleLimit=7
LakeSide MineLimit=35 VehicleLimit=10
Volcano MineLimit=40 VehicleLimit=8
Xmountain MineLimit=40 VehicleLimit=10
Complex MineLimit=25 VehicleLimit=8
Canyon MineLimit=30 VehicleLimit=7
UnderRedux MineLimit=25 VehicleLimit=12

Other Changes/Mutators: Custom mutators blah blah, Mesa removed from rotation due to frequent crashes
Gewd, gewd, except I feel like Under could use a solid 30 mine limit, as GDI actually has to mine their doors on Under once the AGT is down.

Islands could also use 30, just because it'd be a decent 5-mine buffer for any idiots that do over-mine.

Aside form that.... what are these supposed 'custom mutators' you speak of?
Busy writing everything, for everyone, for things I don't even know if I care about.
As of yesterday I've implemented a very potent form of DDOS mitigation/prevention on the CT server.  It uses a multi-pronged approach and is highly effective.

We maintained full functionality through 3 DDOS attacks yesterday and have already kept the same performance today through 2 DDOS attacks.

Also, I might have something special in store for our European Renegade-X players Big Grin
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Someone should probably update this post. Who makes a topic like this and then doesn't keep it updated...
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