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We just had a couple games of this and it was pretty awesome,  it's free to play and it's three C&C games in one.  (Tiberian Dawn, Dune 2000, RA1)  Tiberian Sun and RA2 are in the works according to the site.

Currently TheInternet, xNaquada, Vertiso, McJonaldz, DoctorB0ng, and me have the game, we all suck so it's a good time to join in!

Server: ConstructiveTyranny.com OpenRA (ra, d2k, cnc)
Download: http://www.openra.net/download/ 

We're currently running both the release and the playtest versions, I think for now we'll probably be using the playtest version because it has a decent amount of fixes and new additions. It remains to be seen whether manually updating it will be a pain or not lol
Got OpenRA too, played some Games against KI in all 3 Games and THATS RTS feels like :3
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I would love to play, and I've been playing/following this for over a year now. Currently I have the release, and on future occasions, I would recommend using the release to host and play. ORA is updated quite frequently, and there's no auto-update feature, so sticking to a playtest may become a hassle. It'd be a pain to keep having to download and install.

I've never had an issue playing a playtest, and I'm not saying they're full of bugs and exploits. Just pointing out that you'd continually have to update to keep on the same playtest.
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The playtest version seems to have enough additions and fixes to be worth playing for now, if updating becomes a bother we can always just stick to the release version.
Downloaded latest play version! I hope to re-experience some RA :o I played RA2 a while ago
Hopefully we can get a game going tomorrow! I'm free for most of the day!
I can play tomorrow! Sorry, i just started my classes today. they are on Tuesdays and Thursdays
Best place to find/ask for OpenRA games seems to be teamspeak (just incase someone finds this). We usually organize and play there.
I would like to join! I got the release version,but I can get the playtest
We've actually switched over to hosting the Release Version

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