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Rendering Commands/Options for Multiplayer?
'sup folks! Why are the UE - Rendering Commands not allowed on the Multiplayer Servers? I mean to disable some of these Stuff will help some Players like me with low PC Speccs to play with 30+ FPS. Or some Options should be added to the Options like:
- Particles (Disabled ~ Winning about 5-15 FPS)
- Fog (Also would save some FPS at my Test around ~5 FPS)

Also the Viewmode "UNLIT" (Renders scene with flat shading, i.e., no lighting.) will be a bless for low PC's,
Lights/Shadows take also huge Power from the PC. I don't think these Settings are Gamebreaking, Dark Maps still Dark.. so what do you think?

With low Settings I'm playing around 20-30 FPS, i'ts playable but sometimes it makes me rage if i miss an headshot or Kill because of the low FPS or some Framedrops. It already sad enough to don't play with full Setting and getting still 45+ FPS.
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Blame yosh.
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Answer Yosh! how dare you to don't patch that Options in the Game?!
Community Mapper from: Renegade X
I believe those settings are hardcoded no?

PS : Need to make Feign Death available lol

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