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Darkshire is crawling with Rogues
And horde ones for that D:

Been getting killed from above by some Rogues within 2 visits on Darkshire. Almost suffered same fate today. I went into cover on one of the house while watching a level 90 Undead Rogue hovering on one of the house with a mount. I peeked from the door as I saw some unlucky lvl 20-30 Alliance getting killed and saw the Rogue and his Blood Elven companion passing through. It came to a slow halt when the senior 90s of Alliance came to visit

Note to self and newbies, don't go to Darkshire without seniors accompanying you Sad
Like Vanilla.. Darkshire,Goldshire,Tarrens Mill... ye good old times.
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(07-21-2015, 03:47 PM)DaKuja Wrote: Like Vanilla.. Darkshire,Goldshire,Tarrens Mill... ye good old times.

Ah, indeed - good old times... Smile

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