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general up(grades)
(05-29-2017, 04:55 PM)Serenekyogre Wrote: I have zero authority to make changes in the game, but

1. After reading through your suggestion on cooldowns, I feel there isn't a way that the suggestion is "wrong", after all the changes the Beta has gone through. But I like how the current state where there are certainties after a building is destroyed. Like you don't need to expect a tank from the opposing team once the vehicle building is down. It gives the game's concept some form, imo. I just like not having to worry so much about something once it's unlikely to show up again.

2. I feel that it takes more than one building to be destroyed before ragequitting happens in substantial numbers. In many maps they still stand a chance, like a Nod without HoN in Lakeside. Other more ragequit-inducing factors, imo, are snipers, teammates who go Niko Bellic on every empty vehicle they see and teammates who don't care about mines no matter how much you beg them in team and open chat.

3. Though I don't have a good history with f̶i̶l̶t̶h̶y̶ ramjets, I don't believe snipers should be made more expensive. Many snipers, as accurate as they are, don't contribute much to the team.
Imo, games in Reservoir that I played are just GDI complaining about snipers until someone pushes the big red "MEDRUSH" button.

4. And screw that "unwritten rule". I've never paid caution to it once.

1.  you can still get tanks/infantry units from crates, crates that can get the enemy team when they have 95% of the field, so you can still expect.. well anything
2. yeah i agree, teamwork is key in this game
3. im not saying snipers have to be more expencive, it was made like that just for a few days "for science".
4. because there is no such thing lol, its just something ive noticed.

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